Anshu Dubey gave a seminar on COLABS as part of the ANL CS Seminar Series. The slides and a recording are available. Details below.

Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm CDT
Date: Tuesday 30 May 2023

Title: Conceptualization of Software Sustainability Post ECP: the COLABS Vision


ASCR recently funded six groups to conceptualize organizations for software sustainability. It is expected that some or all of these “seedlings” may become funded projects/organizations in the following years. This is a real opportunity for all stakeholders to bring their ideas and concerns to ASCR’s attention and help formulate a vision for how software development and sustainment might look like in future. COLABS, led by Argonne, is one of the six seedlings. The foundation of our vision is the workforce, people with expertise to make software sustainability possible. In this seminar I will summarize all seedlings, and the landscape as I understand it, followed by a deeper dive into the COLABS vision. My intent is to use this seminar as a launching point for conversations among stakeholders at Argonne and other labs.

Bio: Anshu Dubey

Anshu Dubey is a Senior Computational Scientist in the Mathematics and Computer Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Her research interests include design, architecture, and sustainability of multiphysics scientific software used on high performance computing platforms. She is also a Senior Scientist in the Computer Science Department at the University of Chicago.