If you’re unable to attend our listening sessions or prefer to provide your input privately, please consider completing our online survey of strategies and needs for the stewardship of your scientific software project.


Who should respond?

We welcome input on the software sustainability needs and aspirations from the leaders of any and all scientific software projects in the DOE ecosystem. Input is not limited to DOE laboratory staff – projects based in academia and industry are also encouraged to provide input.

While the current ASCR initiative is focused on software products from the ECP ST projects, the ECP co-design centers, and other ASCR-funded projects, COLABS envisions supporting a much broader range of software. Your early engagement with COLABS can help us make the case to other DOE offices of the value a concerted focus on software quality and sustainability could bring to their R&D programs and facilities.

Other ways to provide input

If you’d prefer to have a one-on-one discussion of your project’s stewardship needs, we’d be happy to schedule something with you. Please reach out to your local COLABS representative or email us.