On Sunday 10 September, ASCR issued its long-awaited guidance for “phase-2” of what is now being called the “Next-Generation Scientific Software Technologies portfolio”. Proposals are due by Tuesday 10 October.

So we now have an official name (and an acronym) for this thing that we’ve been referring to as the ASCR software sustainability initiative: NGSST. But I also notice that it is referred to as a “portfolio” rather than a “program”. I’m not sure whether there are any implications to that choice of wording.

We also have a new (prospective) member of the portfolio: A team centered around the SciDAC FASTMath and RAPIDS2 Institutes has also been invited to submit a phase-2 proposal. They’re calling their stewardship organization the Organization for the Advancement and Stewardship of Integrated Software (OASIS).

The phase-2 guidance also outlines scope and budget constraints that are causing all of the teams to significantly rethink their plans. More on that to come…